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What solution R-Car V4H is providing?

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The R-Car V4H with next-generation AD/ADAS applications are providing the environment equivalent to automated driving levels 2-3. The solution includes adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping, and parking support systems.

The reference board from R-Car V4H is supported with multi-camera inputs such as high resolution 4K, $K display output, audio output, network communications interfaces, and PCle Gen4 for parallel operation of multiple ECUs.

The safety support is consistently provided for the R-Car V4H with RAA271041 pre-regulator and RAA271005 PMIC. The solution also reduced the design complexity, cost, and time to market.

As stated by Renesas, the system benefits the R-Car V4H environment:-

  • The market time is shorted by the reference board usage for immediate platform development.
  • An easy-to-start system development environment is enabled for the R-Car V4H starter kit. The R-Car is compatible with power management ICs, LPDDR5-6400 memory, flash memory display output, and Ethernet 1000BASE-T in a compact with a separate core system.
  • 34 TOPS are delivered from R-Car V4H for deep learning, enabling high-speed object recognition via camera, radar, and lidar sensor data fusion.
  • 4 RGMII for ethernet channels, 2 CSI2 channels, 2 DSI channels, 2 PCle Gen4 channels, and 8 CAN channel are provided.
  • Remote power control via CAN and Ethernet is supported with system evaluation in a remote environment.
  • The functional safety compliant power management is realized with R-Car PMICs, including RAA271005 and RAA271041.
  • The BOM cost is reduced. The mounting size is replaced with multiple crystal oscillators with a programmable clock generator.

In short, the Renesas next-generation AD/ADAS solution provides the best technical environment for automated driving levels 2-3. The features along with safety measurements provide adequate technical support for level 2 or level 3 AVs.

Source:- Renesas

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