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What positive scenario IoT portray in North America?

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As we know the demand is high for IoT, but what about the revenues? Are they generating enough for the devices to make their mark in the market?

Are the IoT devices good enough to have a foothold in North America? The survey result by GSMA and Statista states that the Internet of Things is generating higher revenues in the applications, platforms. Or services quite more and increasing steadily in every year. As compared to the professional services.

The Internet of Things revenue by Application, platforms and services segment as below,

IoT revenue by Application, platforms and services segment.

The revenue by Professional services as below,

Revenue of IoT by Professional services.

The number of connections in North America from 2018 till 2025 expected as per the GSMA intelligence,

Number of connections in North America till 2025 as per the GSMA intelligence

The rapid rise and increase in the billion connections in North America. It shows the demand and the need among the companies. And the manufacturers or production halls.

Source:- GSMA ; Statista

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