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Why Single Pair Ethernet is important in today’s industry?

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As we are in the Industry 4.0 era, there is a potentiality of Ethernet with SPE that can be achieved by closing the gap between the control and field level i.e. the sensor/actuator networks. In the lower field, the Ethernet connections are continuously drowning as technical and economic advantages are offered.

In a significant amount, SPE cables and connectors are smaller, lighter, and easier to install. Compact I/O interfaces, SPE is scored cost-effectively particularly with a current transfer rate in the range from 10Mbit/s to 1Gbit/s.

Time-sensitive networking is possible with a further sensor technology as an advantage to supply with current/voltage with powers of up to 50 W via the same wire pair with a Power over Data Line that can be pronounced as “poodle”. The consistent intelligent, scalable deterministic networking of an application is available across all levels that are enabled by SPE.

Various products like lines, connectors, switches, I/O modules, etc are already developed by different companies where the current and future SPE are implemented as its standards.

If compatibility can be ensured between proprietary devices, lines, and connectors from various manufacturers, the involved parties are pushed with international standardization such as Harting. The semiconductor industry at the same moment is motivated for developing PHY chipsets. For example, Analog Devices with Chronus series.

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