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What was the situation of the Smart factory in Germany in 2017?

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In 4 years, we don’t know what changes can be seen. In what way the world can get shaped. What kind of technologies can be seen? We are far away from even expecting any disruptive technology to be introduced in the market.

Smart factories cannot be labeled as disruptive technology but evolution to their predecessors. The evolving technologies including sensors, AI, or human robots are unavoidable.

But what about the reality? How far are the Germans from planning and using the real technology to make their factory smarter?

As per the survey, the following technologies are estimated to be implemented in the Smart Factory:-

Planning of the smart factory Technologies

But what was the real situation?

Actual use of Smart factory technologies

In my opinion, the technology used in Smart factories is very much in the market with huge demand. The rise is not stoppable but which technology survives the long battle of evolution is something a challengeable topic.

Source:- Smart factory in Deutschland

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