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What is the situation of the Smart Factory internationally?

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The race of making every factory digitalized connected to communicate automatically is on the rise. The factory will be called a smart factory. It is on-demand. Not just in Germany but across the world. Big tech companies like Amazon were handling the inventory or the factory outlet need to be digitally advance.

So, that the customer gets the best-in-class performance. The e-commerce big giants even Alibaba from Asia are heavily invested in the smart factory and internet of things technology.

A survey by Capgemini shows a prominent result across the world for Smart factories,

Are you ready for Smart Factory (2019)?

In 2019, the initiatives can be seen as quite high and in demand for smart factories. More than 50% were already in the process of adopting a Smart factory.

In another survey by Capgemini, shows the countries already took the initiative in transforming the factory units into Smart factories. It is challenging. A traditional factory is the comfort zone for most unit laborers.

Transformation of the smart factories across the world (2019)

Already in a system for a long time. A sudden transformation to a new type of structure and transformation to new units is a cumbersome process. Most of the countries did manage a good amount of transformation over the years.

Also, we can see, there is not a single country that is leading the transformation by a heavy margin. There is almost in the same proportion, the countries are transforming into Smart factory. The European countries are very well ahead in the race of smart factory transformation.

Source:- Statista

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