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How smart the machine’s applications are in Germany?

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The reports by Bitkom show that 20 to less than 50 percent of smart machines are 54% already connected with the internet to operate smartly. However, only 6% has been recorded for machines that are 50% and more connected with the internet.

Smart machines in Germany (2018)

It also depends on the financial security and the financial situation of every company. Even though the trend is not doubted in demand but will it provide a long-lasting solution and a good return for its investment.

The decisions by the leaders also depend upon their own experience with the technologies. Disruptive technologies need also be reliable for a long time. As we can see, the revolution has been a result of disrupting some technology which already has created disruptions before to some other mode of working.

The next survey result shows the use of predictive maintenance applications in Germany,

Predictive maintenance applications in Germany (Smart machines)

In my opinion, even though some applications are already implemented in Germany. The negligence of such applications to about 38% cannot be denied. The use of predictive maintenance technologies such as automatic tracking, wear and tear detection or detecting some faults in the machines is very important. The setup errors being displayed are also some of the crucial stuff to be implemented.

The applications being selected via predictive maintenance are prominently in the direction of providing a better quality of products. Importance of machines to maintain the standard in the life and also the safety of the workers.

Source:- Statista

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