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What is smart production management?

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Smart production management is the application of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and machine learning to optimize the production process.

Data analytics is used with involvement for gaining insights into the manufacturing process, enabling companies for identifying inefficiencies, reduce waste, and improve productivity.

Smart benefits of smart production management:

  1. Increased productivity by data analysis from machines and sensors. Companies can also identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies for making changes to improve the overall production process.
  2. Improved quality control by identifying patterns of defects and taking corrective actions to prevent issues from recurring.
  3. Smart production reduces cost by optimizing the use of resources such as energy and materials. The machines and sensors can use the data to be analyzed for improving efficiency.
  4. Flexibility is increased by changes in demand by analyzing data from customer orders and production schedules. The companies can adjust the manufacturing process for meeting the changing demand patterns.

Source: Techtarget, mdpi

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