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Why SPE is in demand?

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SPE (Single Pair Ethernet) has led the industry to focus on what is necessary when it comes to fieldwork or data transmission at a higher rate.

  • SPE got one twisted pair instead of four.
  • SPE is faster than the Multi Pair Ethernet at greater distances.
  • It is compact and needs less effort in installation.
  • The field level is made smart and it ensures continuous reliable networking in the entire automation pyramid.
  • SPE is the standard by the consortium members at a sensor-actuator level.
  • It has been considered the basic infrastructure in smart sensors and actuators in the smart factory.
  • In public transport, SPE is best for networking information systems to display stops or seat reservations.  Camera surveillance purposes, passenger counting, or for infotainment and WLAN.
  • In battery electric vehicles, compact design with smaller bending radii is offered and also great flexibility in engineering.
  • Four-wire cable pair weighs only 4.6 kg per 100 m and hence SPE saves weight.
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4-Pair 23 AWG CAT6 Plus Riser Cable from Honeywell features an unshielded twisted pair cable with solid bare copper conductors, polypropylene insulation, FR polyolefin spacer, and sunlight-resistant PVC jacket with ripcord under the jacket and sequential footage markings. Source: TANOTIS

  • For automation purposes, SPE can be used as a network sensor such as fire alarm systems or brightness or temperature sensors. It can use for access control and information boards such as room occupancy.
  • In chemical industry plants, SPE can cover a distance of up to 1000 meters.
  • In the process industry, SPE has been defined with additional properties under the term APL (Advanced Physical Layer) depending on 10Base-T1L under IEEE 802.3cg.
  • Due to intrinsic safety being taken into account in APL, it is permitted to be used in explosive atmospheres.
  • SPE has been internationally standardized and hence the foundation for worldwide distribution.

Well, as we can see, SPE has come out as a strong player in the networking industry. Nevertheless, experts mention the no need for every installation to be with a single pair but an Ethernet network is also needed in the production house. A-4 pair Ethernet installation can help you to avoid the bottlenecks and the need for standard Ethernet devices are important in the expansion of the future plant.

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