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How well the OPC UA is adapted?

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Beckhoff and Siemens are some early adopters to support in 2008 to standardize OPC UA where it is integrated into devices from stock to sell it. The standard has been supported by almost all PLC, visualization, and MES manufacturers where a new production machine’s connection doesn’t take longer days when integration is considered and the efforts are tested which is implemented in less than an hour.

Both in the smallest devices and into the cloud and OPC UA continued to grow.

The OPC UA specification is available publicly from May 2015. In 2016, the evaluation process for the OPC Foundation has been implemented with stacks opening as open source. OPC UA professionals can be integrated into industrial products where companies offer toolkits and consulting.

The practical application from OPC UA has been shown in the following video.

Source:- Elektronik Praxis

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