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What are the top 5 reasons to go for Industry 4.0?

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As the industry is shifting its gear. And moving in a new direction. Gates have been open to the upgrades from PLC to the internet of all things. So, what do you think? Why should you opt for Industry 4.0?

The top 5 reasons identified for Industry 4.0 are: –

Products individualized: – Gone are the days for mass production. Individualizing a certain product as per your choice and demand definitely increase the demand among the customers. The products’ customization helps in creating a market for you to differentiate from the competition but also makes you much more needed among your customer to meet their needs as per their choice or style. The industrial applications clearly provide a solution but once it supports product individualization, definitely it expands your horizon across different sectors and markets.

Adaptability increases: – Even though the production volume is increased overall, the need to incorporate flexibility and adaptability in the supply chain of the production increases production quantities and orders but changes the customer needs as per the product and technologies changes.

Efficiency increases and the resources conserving: – The manufacturing companies got support in improving the efficiency with their process and plants and also raw material and energy being one of the significant factors to improve the efficiency of the economic productivity and use the resource efficiently.

Downtime is minimized: – One of the crucial factors in the industries is to have control over the costs, high maintenance. And repair costs are something needed. And prominent in the production processes to handle the lost revenue. Due to the wrong downtime and once it is minimized. The production equipment used for ensuring competitiveness and maintain the cost.

Safety increased: – The automated industry or the world of industrialization ensures that the production people and machine remain safe in an unforeseen failure due to various industrial concepts in relation to the data security, information, and intellectual properties that are unauthorized to have access from a third party. The more focus is put into safety, it automatically helps in synchronized action between the machine and the humans.

In my opinion, any automated industrial environment opens the door for synchronizing the action between the machine and the human in a safer way. The top 5 reasons helps you to channel the resources in an optimized and a safer way.

Source:- Industrie 4.0 grenzenlos by Ulrich Sendler.

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