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UN SDGs or Society 5.0?

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The road to the transformation from the conventional route of living style to a more human-centric and well-being-oriented lifestyle.

In September 2015, the UN launched its special goals addressing the needs for equality of genders as well as climate issues and to bring justified equality to education and food. The vision addressed by the UN SDGs is “no one will be left behind”.

In contrast to the UN’s SDGs, Japan launched a society framework project known as Society 5.0 with a focus more on individual needs. The vision of Society 5.0 deals with the technology-driven supersmart society and people-centric society. The road map is focused on technological progress. It also focuses on inclusivity.

United Nation Sustainable Development Goals are more focused on a bottom-up approach to achieve the pledge “no one will be left behind”. SDG framework also includes cutting-edge technology but to solve global challenges or issues such as inequality, climate adversities. The effort by the SDGs is in developing infrastructure, public facilities such as sewage works. It also works with solving institutional bottlenecks.

The UN SDGs are also designed in a way to attract every private company from the industrial background to contribute to a least one of the 17 SDGs. The action plans of the 17 SDGs are also meant for national and local governments as well as State universities or national level universities.

The main thing to notice in SDGs is the accomplishment of the goals and how they are being tackled. Whereas Society 5.0 is focusing on balancing technology with economic advancement to resolve societal issues or challenges. The theme also focused on rolling out more enhanced technologies to accelerate technological progress.

The result of Society 5.0 leads to the development of problem-solving technological models that are vision-driven technologies and systems accelerating the need for the SDGs progress.  The vision of Japan’s Society 5.0 is not just about technology development but also extending the progress of the political and economical spheres for a better society in the future.

Hence, Society 5.0, can be seen as a multifaceted force leading the technologically enhanced society in a better direction. The principle of society is to enhance the people-centric society to shape the involvement of the organization and technological development in a more advanced way.

In my opinion, the two perspectives from the UN and Japan can be seen as a complementary goal to each other. No doubt, Japan is a technically advanced country and is the first country in the world with the highest aging population. The solution to such a gap in their resources needs to mitigate by balancing the economical prospects with the aid of technological enhancements.

The direction with UN SDGs is more into human development specifically designed for the underprivileged countries or underdeveloped countries. Even though in today’s age, we do have a population who are not able to meet the basic needs or have the basic elements needed to survive. In such countries, technologically advanced tools may become the least prioritized task or goal to be met.

UN’s vision is no doubt apt for every country and every citizen, but Society 5.0 is more for the developed countries with strong technical foundation.

Source:- Hitachi – UTokyo Laboratory (Society 5.0)

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