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What is a “Virtual Turnkey Platform”?

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As per Hiroshi Kawaguchi, vice president, of the automotive software development division at Renesas Electronics Corporation, “With the evolution of E/E architecture, there is an increasing demand for software design that can maximize performance at a system level. At the same time, the increasing time and cost associated with software development have become a big challenge.”

 To counteract the latest innovative stages in the E/E architecture, Renesas electronic Corporation came up with the concept of the virtual development environment. It supports the advanced development and operating evaluation of automotive application software.

Virtual Turnkey Platform is the part of the virtual environment where engineers are allowed to develop software applications even before the electric device or the evaluation boards are available in the market. The environment is equipped with a multicore to debug and tracing tool to enable users for analyses and software operations to be evaluated on an actual chip.

“Our integrated software development environment that can be used across gateway systems, ADAS, and xEV development, enables customers to benefit from the scalability of Renesas products such as R-Car and the RH850 family for both software and hardware development.”

The virtual turnkey platform consists of an R-car and a software development kit for pre-testing of software libraries and sample code. As per IoT news, “R-Car VPF is based on Virtualiser Development Kits (VDKs) from Synopsys and integrates virtual models of intellectual property (IP) specific to R-Car to customize for R-Car devices. By overlaying the R-Car SDK on this platform, it enables engineers to immediately start the development of application software virtually. The platform accurately recreates the behavior of the actual chip and thus eliminates the need to build up a development environment with a physical evaluation board. Multiple users can also develop software simultaneously on separate PCs or servers.”

What is R-Car-V4H?

As per Renesas Electronics Corporation,

“The R-Car V4H system-on-chip is tailored for central processing for advanced driver-assistance (ADAS) and automated driving (AD) systems. The R-Car V4H achieves deep learning performance of up to 34 TOPS (Tera Operations Per Second), enabling high-speed image recognition and processing of surrounding objects by automotive cameras, radar, and lidar. The R-Car V4H allows manufacturers to develop cost-competitive, single-chip, ADAS electric control units (ECUs).”

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