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Why is Volkswagen transforming itself?

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With the change of dynamics and the established players in the respective field, needs to practice to go with time and stop being perished with a change in time.

The new EVs and AVs gave the tech companies the to collaborate and explore technology. How about the automakers. Can they also be digitalized and transformed into a tech company?

Volkswagen, a Wolfsburg-based auto manufacturer is walking the path of digital transformation and relying more on than 20-year-old partnership with Software AG for the internal transformation process.

Volkswagen AG is switching to the latest generation ARIS business process management solution. They will be using it with a subscription model. It has also become a one-stop-shop for vehicles, software services, and the digital world.  

One of the main reasons to implement ARIS map processes is to show the relationships and correlations between different processes, and organizations to improve their operational efficiency. The various subsidiaries and departments will be benefiting from the core processes that are analyzed in real-time.

As per Thomas Alberti, chairman of the board of management at SAG Deutschland GmbH and senior vice president of sales in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland (a subsidiary of Software AG), “Processes are the way to operational efficiency. We are pleased and proud to be able to offer the Volkswagen Group a solution that combines top performance with maximum flexibility.”

The partnership shows Volkswagen’s interest is not just in EVs or being an automaker. But extend its parameter digitally across different sectors. Along with time, we can see what more changes Volkswagen is interested to integrate.

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