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What is “Factory Eye” data intelligence platform?

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A cost-effective and flexible hybrid platform developed by Magic Software in the journey to Industry 4.0 for mechanical engineering, manufacturing, and manufacturing industry companies. The platform is prepared by collecting and analyzing large data from core IT systems, plants, and machines from multiple silos by ensuring a smooth integration. Can Factory eye be important in data intelligence platforms?

The product helps in analyzing the data in real-time and decisions can be made intelligently based on the dashboard. The product promises for productivity improving, delivery time is shorted, the manufacturing process is controlled more accurately thereby resulting in higher customer satisfaction and the profit margins are increased.

In-depth knowledge of the manufacturing environment was used for the development of the FactoryEye. It is expected and analyzed that the Industry 4.0 markets have grown from $119 billion in 2020 to $310 billion in 2023 where the growth rate is at a rise of 27%.

In my opinion, such a platform provides customized solutions to many decision-makers in that particular field where they are enabled to make key decisions and also enhance the solutions in their respective field. As the field is growing so does the knowledge, the players are strengthened by the digital transformation and a revolutionary approach will be seen through Industry 4.0

Source:- industry.de

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