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What is Fourth Industrial revolution?

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As we come across the term, revolution, it is just not limited to any civil rights movement but also outreached in the domain of the scientific and medical field of expertise. The industrial revolution, not a topic for history but important to know about the development of technical history.

The way we used to see science is before has crossed its boundary. A simple invention like the internet has just changed the domain of education and learning skills. How do we learn today?

Normally, the traditional method was schooling or get into a university to have a formal education. However, the race to be the first or be in alignment with the trend has somehow impacted the world we live in today and also the future.

More than school books, YouTube videos, and the internet has become a way of gathering information and processing the data.

Sometimes it’s good in a way for the growth of the children and sometimes it is really seen as a place to become addictive.

The fourth industrial revolution is not just limited to the robotics world but also the manufacturing of such tools can be seen in different fields including conservation of planets and other deforestation activity.

However, the role of workers is being defined on various fronts and in different categories. The major issues with losing jobs have also defined the relationship with such machines the human beings.

The insecurity among the people can be also seen as a major blockage to any technical enhancement. The reason to keep and maintain or I should make the production is faster has become so important that the consumer for whom the products have been produced are getting neglected.

If the consumer or the workers don’t have jobs, naturally don’t have money, how can those products be bought by normal people.

The race of human evolution has led to the massive competition among the production companies that the important thing to have money among the people is being neglected.

Are these products only produced for a certain segment or a class of people? Then how far are you going to generate the profit or revenue required for any company to sustain itself in a particular field?

Who will buy the products if they don’t have the sufficient money needed to maintain their basic needs? Are we entering into a phase of over surplus rather than being content with the fact that people need wages for them to be survived and avail themselves of the benefits every citizen is entitled to?

What is the use of such medically enhanced equipment when it cannot be afforded by an average earning worker?

The way humans representation of themselves to the world has been revolutionized so does the behavior and attitude of every person and the interaction involved in such industrial revolutionary activity.

We are chasing about a goal that whether humans can be superhuman neglecting the fact that is the humans really acting like a human considering the fact about the livelihood of another person.

Source:- Statista

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