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What is Internet of Things?

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The term is exploring around the corner in a huge way. It has not just covered the automotive industry but also became household stuff.

The technology has been incorporated and been developed into exploring beyond anybody’s imagination. What’s beyond the Internet of things? Is it possible to be completely connected with just a touch of a button?

As we are entering into the 5G domain, the faster the internet connection, the faster the data transmission, and more information can be used for the proper function of technical items.

The term is defined as the network that is able to link things so that objects are connected with a pre-set protocol on the internet to use the information in the sensor equipment such as radio frequency identification technology (RFID), sensors, and two-dimensional codes.

Communication is facilitated between people and objects or also between the objects. The auto-identification and sharing of information about products could be realized by the IoT through the internet with the use of technologies such as RFID.

The arrival of IoT has been indicted by the International Telecom Union where the European Technology Platform is predicted to be on Smart Systems Integration for the development of the IoT industry.

It is connected in 2005 where partly the intelligent information was transferred between 2015 and 2020 and the object is totally intelligent after 2020 (European Technology Platform on Smart Systems Integration, 2008).

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