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What is the situation of IoT in Thailand?

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Thailand’s government announced formally at the end of 2014 about the Digital Economy Policy aiming in enhancing and supporting the Thai industry and society for prosperity and well-being. The importance of IoT is high in Thailand.

As per Inluksana (2013), Thailand’s ICT2020 Policy Framework and Broadband Policy serve the key users in the ICT infrastructure development for the demand in the future digital application.

As per ASEAN (2015), the approach or the incorporation of Internet of things technologies is aiming at achieving an advanced digitally-enabled economy which is also one of the government’s Telecommunication Master Plan.

As per ASEAN (2015), ITU (2015a) & MICT (2016), the idea behind the use of such technology is yielding social stability, economic wealth, and a leader status is achieved in the ICT development.

The development in the ICT is driven by IoT, the prediction by the commission predicts the adoption rate by 2020 as per the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications.

A goal has been set by the Government of Thailand to achieve low-cost internet access helping in eliminating the digital divide and promoting the advancement of the utilization of internet facilities. The target of achieving Thailand 4.0 has been a main agenda for the country to revise its policy.

In my opinion, the countries are not behind in adopting the latest trend and be up to date. It shows clearly that Thailand is not just for Touristic attraction for its beaches but it holds more than we can see or imagine.

The world opened a new platform and so does Thailand. The generation is clearly showing finding out smart solutions by using IoT and fill out the necessary gap concerning consumer electronics and provide a new dimension to its already existing dimensions.

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