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What role IoT is playing in Industry 4.0?

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The interconnectivity of machines to communicate with people with the use of the internet has been a fascinating goal that comes true. The data transparency and the ability to provide fast technical assistant is no doubt helping the automation industry to enter into a new horizon. However, cautious policies need to be kept under its belt with policies related to the environment, and protecting employment rights is very important and needed.

It’s not so far, that man is replaced by machines or machines replacing man. However, not in every field or sector. One of the strong features of IoT is to enable the decision-making process for machines with reliable input of massive amounts of data. The data helps in analyzing the machine outcome. The latest trend in the automation world is Industry 4.0.

The buzz created by such automated Industry 4.0 where the whole line of the process can be activated by just a start button from a human-machine touch panel is no doubt provides the accuracy for the machines to work in a synchronized manner but also the productivity is effectively increased with less amount of failures.

IoT working with its sensors and actuators provides vital information for the chain to function with less human interaction. The machines can be designed as per the customer’s choice and can be customized with high precision and with modern elements and design.

Sources:- Need for Internet of things by V.J.K. Kishor Sonti and Sundari G.

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