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How are profit-skimming plans unsettling the wind energy industry?

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Presently, it is challenging to complete new projects, particularly in light of the EU Commission’s ambitions to siphon off.

 “We will concentrate on the markets where the demand is,” emphasized Siemens Gamesa CEO Eickholt in view of the current situation in Europe. 

Although nothing has been finalised, he believes that the market leader for offshore wind turbines is pursuing a new internationalisation approach (offshore).

According to wind specialist Briese, manufacturers are progressively moving labor-intensive operations overseas to cut costs. The most recent instance of this was when Nordex shut down its rotor blade facility in Rostock. At the same time, suppliers like Nordex and Enercon have frequently faced issues with system quality in recent months.

Briese is therefore convinced: In order to get out of the loss zone, “prices have to keep rising; and under constant competitive and development pressure.”

Onshore wind turbine costs have already increased by between 15 and 20 percent in recent months. According to industry sources, the price per megawatt has increased from just around EUR 800,000 two years ago to over EUR 1 million now. The cost of wind energy, which has decreased steadily

Individual project planners, though, have already made it clear that they won’t cover all costs. A true conundrum.

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