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What is the Extended Internet of things?

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The Extended Internet of Things is not focused on a particular gadget or technology. The phrase “Extended Internet of Things,” or “XIoT,” is more of a comprehensive umbrella word that refers to all cyber-physical systems (CPS) that are connected to the Internet.

As a result, the already well-known Internet of Things is being extended to incorporate places that, in contrast to the IoT, may not have been originally intended to be connected to the Internet.

IoT devices are a part of this expansive network of linked gadgets. However, it also has OT, health, and other gadgets that were put in place decades ago when Internet connectivity wasn’t yet conceivable.

Although it has been happening for more than ten years, digital transformation has greatly accelerated since the start of the Corona epidemic. Businesses were abruptly compelled to depend more heavily than ever on digital communications and remote working. They’ve had to do this since it was previously impossible, impractical, or too risky to absorb assets.

Many different assets are now connected. These span operational technology, or OT, to IoT systems like security cameras and medical equipment. The majority of company networks are therefore far more decentralized and linked than before. A significant problem in and of itself is often integrating and centrally controlling several IoT devices. Different OT and other devices that use a range of proprietary systems have been added to the XIoT.

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