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Is 5G crucial for Autonomous vehicle?

With modern advancement in automobile industry, telecommunication is also not far behind. The advancement of technology shows the need for high speed of internet and the availability of internet to be more in a major way. The promising 5G, faster than its counterpart 4G, helps the autonomous vehicle to achieve its need goal.

Huawei, is considered to be the top innovating leaders in 5G subscriptions model, capacity to unlock self-driving vehicles in 2025. Other than Huawei, the key contributors for 5G technology are Ericsson, Hisilicon, Nokia, Qualcomm, Samsung Electronics, ZTE, Intel and LG Electronics. The companies being from different countries shows the interest spread across the world. The only problem is the impact, with such high-speed internet, are we secured enough to handle the crisis or our equipment are they ready enough to bear the download of such data volume within a second.
The race to be faster and getting things done in less than a minute is becoming a slogan. But is the world of digitalization going to restrict us in a more confined space and limit the activity of creativity?

As per a survey by OpenSignal in 2019, the top 5 countries involved in experiencing the 5G maximum download speeds are United States, Switzerland, South Korea, Australia and United Arab Emirates. The investments are done in terms of billions of dollars to be well-equipped for Autonomous vehicles. As the self-driving market is with V2X communication and uses wireless network infrastructure. Many countries need to invest in billions to catch with the 5G maximum download speeds.

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