invest large scale carbon capture storage facilities

Will you invest in large scale carbon capture and storage facilities?

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Carbon Capture Storage is environmental protection preventive measurement technology. Do you want to invest in such technology? And which regions? Or areas do you like to invest in such technology? Will you get a return on such an investment?

Is it a market to venture from a foreign location? Or to a remote location? Will it be a long-term beneficial plan to enter? And turn it into a profitable venture? For surroundings and people around such markets?

The operational carbon capture and storage facilities are counted to be 38.5 million metric tons per year. Estimation is done by the Global CCS Institute. To notify the capturing facilities in operation across the world. The studies show around 26 large-scale carbon capture plants are in operation. 34 plants are in the development stage.

And 3 large-scale carbon capture storage facilities are in the construction stage. The regions are globally potential. And, valuable in terms of billion US dollars in carbon capture facilities by the year 2030. The US and Europe are the two identified regions. The US market is estimated to be 41 billion US dollars. And, Europe to be 32 billion US dollars.

The Asian and the African market is lacking the investment amount. As compared, to its western counterpart by 59 billion US dollars. The number of projects for large-scale carbon capture and storage facilities in the US is 38. Europe is 13, the Asia Pacific is 10. And the Middle East is 3 in 2020. The investment shows the market value. And the estimation of such projects is in a billion US dollars.

In my opinion, the market is worth to invest. The region provides information on the world. The investment will give you good returns. And in a faster way. And which regions are complicated to operate. Or, navigate for the large-scale carbon capture and storage facilities. The Eastern or the Asian markets are valuable.

The projects are in a lesser number. The reasons are somewhat unknown. The speculations can be a lack of awareness. Lack of information. Or technical tools for such resources. Lack of skills, or less interest. The spreading or focusing on more such technology can provide better insights. On how to increase the number of projects.

Source:- BCG, EIA, Environmental Protection Agency, European Commission & Global CCS Institute.

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