Major countries' investments in renewable energy.

Do you know the major countries investing in renewable energy?

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The survey by well-known research agencies collected by Statista shows the investments done by major countries.

The survey is done for the year 2019,

Major countries' investments in renewable energy.

The result shows that China is leading the race of investments in the year 2019. The investments are in billion US dollars, which clearly shows the interest. The countries from all over the world can be seen in the investment market.

The problem of renewable energy sources being depleted energy sources. It is a major issue.

The saving of such resources for the next generation is also needed. But how far are we? Are we provided with enough strategies to use it effectively? Are the investments useful enough for the next generation?

Is there any transparency been followed by the government regarding such investments? Are the citizens well aware of incentive schemes to use any advanced measures for renewable energy resources?

Renewable energy resources are an important aspect to maintain the balance. Everybody knows about the cons. The impact and effect of misuse or not being able to restore it properly? But what of cultivating the culture systematically among the next generation? So that economically sustainable ideas can be used for better survival.

Sources:- Bloomberg New Energy Finance; FS-UNEP Collaborating Centre; UNEP, Statista

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