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How off-road navigation can be solved for an unstructured environment?

To focus on a safe and robust navigation, an architecture known as behaviour-based model is developed for Robust behaviour-based Control for Off-Road Navigation within a highly unstructured environment. The navigation system is assumed to be travelling with a slow pace in an environmental condition which are versatile and challenging and the tasks are complex. 

Since the commercial vehicles are diversified, it is suggested with mounted implements and field of activity which is varying. The architecture is provided with modular and extensible system where the interface is clearly defined. The design is action-oriented. It is mainly for task control and perception-oriented design for processing sensors and environment can be perceived. Virtual sensors are used for managing the exchanging of data so that the application of design schemes can be enabled.

The behaviour-based architecture i.e. Robust Behavior-based Control for Off-Road Navigation mainly consist of an abstraction layer from hardware, a fail-safe system, perception network, reaction control, and planning units, a knowledge database with the graphical user interface. The safety related hardware is mainly designed for detecting any sorts of critical errors.

Source:- Commercial Vehicle Technology by Karsten Berns and et al.

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