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What is the story of the ATUM charge?

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Electric vehicles have been seen as one of the major ways to transform the transportation industry into more eco-friendly. The battery-run vehicle is also cost-saving as compared to the conventional vehicle.

So, how can we make the charging stations to be a more clean source of energy resources? The ATUM charge is showing the pathway by installing 250 solar-powered EV charging stations across India. The charging stations are apt for 2/3/4 wheelers per day.

ATUM charge uses an electricity-generated solar roof for 100% solar rather than using any thermal power. The company installed a maximum share with 48 stations in Telangana as well as 44 charging stations in Tamil Nadu. 36 charging stations in Maharashtra, 23 in Andhra Pradesh, 23 in Karnataka, 15 in Uttar Pradesh, 14 in Haryana, 24 in Odisha, and 23 in West Bengal.

Well, it clearly shows, that ATUM charge is expanding its market on a bigger scale with the company’s Strategy focusing on Tier 1 and Tier 2 towns and cities more than any other cities. The solar power company is installing around 4kW capacity panels to charge 10-12 vehicles per day and a 6kW capacity for 25-30 vehicles per day.

As per the Founder of ATUM charge, Vamsi Gaddam, “With the launch of 250 ATUM charge EV charging Stations, we have renewed our pledge to support the EV ecosystem in India.”

So, why do you think ATUM charge is in demand in the charging station market?

As per Vamsi Gaddam, “What makes ATUM charge truly unique is that it is powered by ATUM- the World’s 1st Electricity Generating Solar Roof. The steady phasing out of thermal power stations and replacing them with solar-powered stations is our end goal. We aim for zero emissions, net-zero facilities, a sustainable network, and a greener forever. Change has begun and the wheel is ours to steer.”

Green energy sustainability is not about what kind of a vehicle we are using but also what kind of sources we are using in our daily life to sustain. The way to tackle pollution with emission-reduced electric vehicles helps to reduce the dependency on sustainable energy.

However, if the movement of charging your vehicle with 100% solar power resource initiates, it’s just the start of surrounding more green energy resources.

Source:- ATUM charge

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