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Battery charging — a new market to generate huge revenue sustainably

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One of the important factors in electric vehicles is battery charging. A very important area where a huge investment going on in order to find different strategies to maximize the amount of charging within a limited amount of time.

As the world is heading towards sustainability, the use of renewable energy sources has become a primary aspect in order to control the devastation in the environment is happening.

Some methods used in charging are:- residential charging, work-street charging, fast and future charging, smart grid, and smart charging.

Some investments are being made in lanes. Separate roads are constructed where the electric vehicle can be charged up while you are driving.

These are some futuristic projects but can they be a project for developing countries? How much do the developing countries are in advance with such energetic technology?

China is heading in Electric Bus where they have almost electrified most of their buses. Electric Trucks are also gathering a huge amount of attention and creating a wave in order to have a progressive battery.

India is also focusing on the Electric Vehicle market. It is considered to be one of the biggest 2-wheeler markets. India along with China is showing a growth in electric scooters, electric mopeds, one-wheel scooters, and skateboards, each with a range around six to 12 miles (ca. 19 km). 

In the case of engineering electric two-wheelers, the major three trade-offs are battery pack storage capacity for driving range; driver’s average speed, and cost per kilowatt-hour. In Asia, Electric scooters are already been purchased by thousands of customers. The Electric version — Bajaj Chetak has also been launched.

Once two-wheelers can be manufactured at a comparable price to the gas-powered vehicle for a 60 miles (ca. 97 km) range then there is a possibility for the sales to go very high.

One of the market leaders for the main road fast charging, Fastned was founded in 2012 in the Netherlands, built around 200 electric charging stations on different highway locations. It is built up in order to relieve the range anxiety from electric car owners. The charging station is designed for 50 and 175 KW charging stations.

The future plan is to move towards a 350 KW charging station. The major benefit is that the electric cars get charged without the need to replace the battery within 15 – 20 minutes which is quite a comfortable time for any drive-by overcoming the long waiting time and obstacles. Fastned only uses sustainable energy solutions.

As the era is progressing, it is really quite impressive to see how the electric vehicle markets are competing with the traditional Auto market. The Electric vehicle market has not only created hope for a sustainable future but better usage of renewable energy and finally all the possible options available around us without creating any more destruction. Not only it has created a market for OEMs but also for the charging batteries, it created a competitive supplier market.

Like Fastned, it created an opportunity for a lot of private investors to combine with public funding or crowdfunding sources and provide a unique solution to the highway charging or battery depletion problem without paying notice.

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