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Can channelize solves the rising level of water?

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The melting ice caps in the Northern Hemisphere or the problem in Antarctica or Alaska glaciers is not an easy thing to handle. One of the major problems is land grabbing and turning them into the concrete jungle even though smart planning and smart cities are incorporated.

The main need of the water bodies is always to maintain the temperature cool. The more amount of water is circulated in the plane, the amount of balance can be achieved.

If you place a big size tree in a horizontal direction, you can just see, how the water pours in the roots is circulated in the large trunks and branches of the trees, the path exactly shows that the world above and underground are connected through this channel.


The cooling effect of large trees around the world cannot be replaced by any invention or anything in the world and the trees cannot be grown in a concrete horizon or area but need natural resources especially mud or solid ground. The evaporation of water droplets from the leaves also shows that cooling effect in the air.

However, if somehow, small channels are made for this rising level of water to circulate the lands or in between the land then it can somehow provide a bridge to stop the rising level of the ocean or seawater and thereby spreading across a different channel.

A proper pathway provided the circulation of the water, which definitely reduces the level of the water and also helps in providing a better cooling effect.

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