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Can sustainability be the new digital?

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Digital sustainability is demonstrated as providing an appropriate context for digital preservation because it requires consideration of the overall life cycle and technical and socio-technical issues associated with the creation and management of digital items.Bradley, K. (2007). Defining Digital sustainability

The process of sustainability involves applying social, economic, and environmental stewardship principles to products, services, and data delivered by the Internet. As per the experts, the new digital revolution for business is promising to change everything.

“Change” is something every industry is looking forward to. Sustainability has been deemed one of the most esteemed sources for rejuvenating the world of technology and transforming the current affairs of technology to improve the environment and support sustainable business operations.

However, the world of sustainability is collaborating with the adoption of digital technology by radically rethinking the business models, strategies, and values that underpin the global economy.

Sustainability is the new digital. Sustainable practices are being integrated into our daily lives to make it a priority to create a world that is not just a technological product but also an environmentally conscious one.

A futuristic world of innovative concepts, but sustainably conscious enough to support the smiles of the upcoming generation. In the end, living with sustainable tech knowledge is all that matters to guide the future, rather than vague policies to blossom futuristic souls.

From renewable energy sources to eco-friendly products, there are countless paths to walk and leave a positive impact on the planet. Embracing the latest technological advancements to focus solely on the pursuit of digital innovation is, in the end, the most prioritized tool for the present industries.

In my opinion, the path to a sustainable future is not an easy one, but a necessity for a better future.

The path to addressing the systemic risks and opportunities posed by climate change, social inequality, and governance issues is prime for any sustainable digital future.

Sustainability and digital technology can be seen as similar and different as well. Both are disruptive forces that are transforming the industry and products. However, one is solely technology, and the other comprises culture, ethics, and purposes.

Sustainability is forcing us to think in new ways and stretch our legs beyond the 17 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). It is important to think of ways to eliminate the risks and dangers involved in crossing the eligible boundaries.

The desire to be ahead of our competitors and the need to surpass the boundaries often provoke us to walk the forbidden paths.

But should we?

Digital sustainability is making us think about going way beyond what is actually seen.

  • Digitalization is enhancing sustainable efforts by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of sustainability initiatives. Using data analytics and artificial intelligence optimizes the needed energy consumption, reduces waste, and streamlines supply chains.
  • Digital transformation contributes to a sustainable future, with industries and societies developing opportunities for sustainable practices such as designing environmentally conscious products and services.
  • Digital innovation driven by sustainable practices increases awareness of and the importance of the emergence of new digital solutions tailored to address environmental and social challenges.

I also truly believe that the demand for sustainability in digital products has been due to an awareness created among consumers and the masses to be cautious of their interest in product purchases and how it can alter their future lives.

The industry cannot survive without its consumers, and the more healthy ways are discovered to show the beauty of an alternate lifestyle, the more the products will automatically change in that direction, forcing companies to be sustainably friendly.

With rising global awareness, renewable energy sources are important for data centers and other digital infrastructure. Don’t you agree with it?

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