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Why Cleanaway Waste Management Limited?

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A well-meant Quote on waste management,

“Think outside the trash….Recycle!”

And that’s how the clean away waste management is generating its revenue with a solid foundation on recycling for today and making a better clean future tomorrow.

Cleanaway Waste Management Limited was founded by Brambles Ltd in 1979. The headquarter is situated in Melbourne, Australia. The revenue recorded is 240 crores USD in 2021.

Brambles Limited is an Australian company specializing in the pooling of unit-load equipment, pallets, crates, and containers. The company was established by Walter Brambles in 1875 to establish a butcher business in Newcastle. The company expanded its operation gradually into transport and logistics.

In 1970, Brambles ventured into the waste management and disposal industry. The company purchased its Australian waste collection and disposal services from the Purle Group. It started its trading in 1979.

Cleanaway is not just limited to Australia but expanded its operation in Europe also. The company purchased its businesses in the Netherlands, Germany, and the United Kingdom. The company’s German business was sold in 2005 and Veolia acquired cleanaway UK in 2006.

The company provides services in general waste and recycling, hazardous regulated waste, waste oil, construction, demolition waste, industrial constructions, cleanaway equipment, liquid waste, health and biohazardous waste, organic waste, e-waste recycling, industrial cleaning services, and automotive spill kits for workshop and vehicles.

The company formed its joint venture with Veolia. They purchased the organic food waste processing facility, EarthPower. They are using the anaerobic digestion technology to produce combustible gas from converted food waste. It is similar to natural gas and is used in producing green electricity.

In 2017, the TOMRA Cleanaway partnership project was announced. It appointed the network operator for the container deposit scheme. The project started in New South Wales. It is known as Return and Earns. A reverse vending machine was provided by TOMRA. The containers are collected and processed by the cleanaway from the machine to collect points from New South Wales.

Cleanaway CEO and Managing Director, Mark Schubert welcomed the announcement, “Cleanaway is proud to play a key role in delivering this enormously successful scheme. Out refreshed Blueprint 2030 strategy centers around delivering sustainable customer solutions and making a sustainable future possible together. We are pleased to be able to continue to deliver an efficient CDS Network Operator service to the NSW community through our joint venture partnership with TOMRA. We look forward t driving even higher recovery rates and greater community access to the scheme in the future.

The partnership found success by collecting more than 5 billion containers by 2021.

The third partnership was in 2020, between Asahi Breweries, Cleanaway, Coca Cola Europacific Partners, and Pact Group Holdings for a joint venture to develop a plastic pelletising facility. The process is expected to be up to 28,000 tonnes of plastic bottles and other plastic packaging. It will be traded as Circular Plastics Australia (PET).

Even though the company is involved in the cleaning business but they are cleaned with scandals. Various incidents related to employee injuries, safety, and health issues related to toxic waste have been circulating.

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