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Which companies recorded the largest revenue in renewable energy resources in Germany in 2018?

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In Germany, the trend with renewable energy is not something new, the era of working with renewable has gone up high with each and different country from Europe. How far Germany is heading? It has listed 10 companies as the top 10 in the race to generate the largest revenue in Germany.

The top 10 companies registered in Germany with the largest revenue are Uniper SE, Innogy SE, E.On SE, EnBW Energie Baden Wuerttemberg AG, RWE AG, MW Energie AG, Mainova AG, Lech-Elektrizitaetswerke AG, Muehlhan AG and Encavis AG.
The listed companies recorded a high revenue of million Euros in 2018.

Renewable energy

As per Market data by Xignite, the revenue generated in Uniper SE is €78,176, Innogy SE is €41,366, E.On SE is €29,565, EnBW is €20,618, RWE AG is €13,388, MW Energie AG is €3,903, Mainova AG is €2,049, Lech-Elektrizitaetswerke AG is €1,314, Muehlhan AG is €268 million and Encavis AG is €257 million.

As per the survey by Statistisches Bundesamt, Statista 2019, the major region with populated renewable energy companies generating high revenues are Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, and North Rhine-Westphalia, the top three regions from Germany whereas Lower Saxony and Rhineland-Palatinate are the next fourth and fifth regions from Germany.

In my opinion, the picture somehow clearly depicts the wealthy states in Germany. The major revenue has been generated from Bavaria and with the most populated companies provides the scenario with an ample amount of opportunities for many job seekers and provides a sector to sharpen your knowledge in the renewable energy field with more efficiency.

Source:- Energy Supply (Statista Industry Report- Germany)

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