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Do you know the top 10 countries with high investment in renewable energy technologies?

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Renewable energy are an important backbone to our natural resources. The technologies provide the support for harnessing power from such renewable sources.

Investors and investment are a major backbone or a strong recognizable power behind any startups or SMEs. The investments play a major role in backing up the latest technologies along with the opportunities to be provided with the latest resources, tools, and knowledge.

Often the investment in such countries shows that the market is steering towards the latest development. In renewable energy and technologies needed for the betterment of society. Or to lead a sustainable life.

The investment shows the opportunities for more Startups. Or new projects related to renewable or sustainable energy. The Asian countries are also not behind. However, the investments can be seen less from such countries.

The top 10 countries with high investment in renewable energy technologies.

In my opinion, the investments are definitely encouraging the path for renewable energies and sustainable life path. The investments help to show the path that can be taken in the proper way to navigate the sustainable channels to acquire the correct market and the locations. The knowledge of such locations can be used as a guidance for further movement into that direction as it can show that it is turning into a profitable market.

Source:- Bloomberg New Energy Finance; FS-UNEP Collaborating Centre; UNEP.

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