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How much difference in wage can be seen in different gender groups?

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Have you ever wondered about the pay gap or the pay difference, when you are working with a different set of people in a different set of performance groups? The pay scale difference in different gender, is something not new, but how about the pay difference in different performance groups. Is it possible to group a different set of people? How about Gender groups?

As per a survey by Statistisches Bundesamt, in 2018, the average monthly gross wage differs for every group, even though the difference observed is not in thousands, but in hundreds, however, the lesser amount has been observed in the female gender.

In the sector of electric power generation, transmission, and distribution, the average monthly gross wage in 2018 is €5,686. In the manufacturing of gas, distribution of gaseous fuels through the mains sector, the average monthly gross wage recorded is €4,976. The difference in female to male wages is not known.

The female in leadership or supervisory positions are earning €7,259/month whereas their male counterpart takes home around 8,444 euros monthly. The female employees who are outstanding specialists, i.e. such as employees with complex or varied jobs are earning €5,034/month whereas the male group is earning €5,794/month.

As you can see, the job profile is with the same classification with an equal amount of pressure even for females also but the salary wage is lesser only in the case of the female group.

Now it depends on how far the female is working as per the salary difference, are they putting the same and equal effort even after knowing the salary difference as compared to their male counterpart is still unknown. The sectors are related to the renewable energy field with the aim of using sustainable development resources.

Source:- Statistisches Bundesamt

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