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What is ecological deficit?

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The ecological deficit has been defined as a situation that occurs due to the ecological footprint exceeding the biocapacity of the area available to that population.

The situation happens because a state can import goods, overuse its resources, and more carbon dioxide is emitted into the atmosphere than the absorption by the forest. The other resources include overfishing and overharvesting forests.

Biocapacity means the biological capacity of our ecosystem. The term means the estimated availability of certain biological materials such as natural resources. The capacity to absorb or filter out other materials such as carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

To counteract and remain alert of any such situation, an ecological footprint is prominently used regarding the availability of natural resources.

The goal of such measurement is to live within the natural resources available without any human well-being being sacrificed. The situation supports strategic investments in infrastructure. The support in natural capital and even setting the policies for conserving the planet resources.

Source:- Footprintnetwork

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