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Do you agree to total electric vehicle transport on the road?

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As the EU is deciding to go for complete electric vehicle transport and end the combustion engine vehicle. The policy created a debate and oppose such change immediately.

An electric vehicle is the best possible route for sustainable transportation. However, the possibility of getting rid of the combustion engine is a huge decision. A huge warning to one-sided commitment towards battery transport.

As per CEO Monika Griefahn “The transport sector is responsible for 25 percent of the world’s CO2 emissions and four-fifths of these are on the road. If you realize that, then you can’t just commit to one technology and certainly not legally prescribe it.”

The argument is about whether or not all battery vehicles are economical. Is it advisable to completely rely on electric vehicle transport? The experts argue that synthetic fuels may be important in the aviation and shipping industry.

The possibility of running such a vehicle on climate-neutral fuel can also be a better option than getting rid of the combustion engine vehicle.

As per CEO Dr. Monica Griefahn, co-founder of Greenpeace Germany, “We need equal treatment. Synthetic fuels use renewable energies and CO2 from the atmosphere. That is fundamentally different than running a car with energy generated from coal-fired power.”

I truly believe a conventional combustion engine will become a vintage car. As we can see with every change, the evolution cannot be stopped but also become a route for the traditional vehicle to find its place as a memento.

It really would be a challenging thing to see a country go into a completely new step. But, you need the bold steps with risk to move forward. It is ultimately a phase where we can witness the conventional combustion engine seen as a status quo is regarded as scrap for the current environmental pollution.

What kind of change we can see with a driving license? As it is a change in the way you drive?

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