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The market scenario for electricity generation in 2020 in Germany

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With the continuous growth of the renewable energy demand in electricity generation, experts are observing 2020 to be a good year.

2020 became the first year where renewable energy sources are generating more electricity than the fossil fuels such as coal, gas, and oil.

In renewable energy, wind energy became a strong position holder to expand its position and is considered to be one of the most important energy sources in the German electricity mix.

Also in 2020, the electricity generation from renewable energies saw a rise of 45.4% compared to 42% in 2019.

Development of electricity generation from renewables

electricity generation

Translated:- Bruttostromerzeugung in Milliarden Kilowattstunden – Gross electricity generation in billions of kilowatt hours.

Anteil am Bruttostromverbrauch in Prozent – Share of gross electricity consumption in percent

As per the report, electricity generated from renewable sources was 251.0 billion kilowatt hours (billion kWh). It was almost 4% above the value in 2019.

The two key players, wind energy and Photovoltaic played a crucial role in renewable energy resources. In 2020, 52% hike in wind energy and a 20% hike in Photovoltaic.

The main reasons for the two players to come out strongly is due to average sunny weather and good wind condition.

Electricity generation from renewable energies in 2020,

Shares in percent [%], values for the previous year in parentheses

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Electricity generation from PV systems increased in the year 2020 compared with the previous year by around nine percent to 50.6 billion kWh (2019: 46.4 billion kWh).

Wind energy

Onshore and offshore wind power plants and offshore wind farms generated electricity of

131.0 billion kWh. It was generated by onshore and offshore wind turbines in 2020 – a four percent increase compared with the previous year (125.9 billion kWh).


In 2020, electricity generation from biomass was 397 MW, and more capacity was added to biomass power generation than in the previous year (307 MW).

Hydro power

Another dry year in 2020 left electricity generation from hydroelectric power at 18.6 billion kWh than the previous year’s figure (19.7 billion kWh).

Geothermal energy

Although the amount of electricity generated from geothermal energy increased by around ten percent in 2020, its share of total gross electricity consumption in Germany is only around 0.2 billion kWh. of total gross electricity consumption in Germany remains still less than 0.1 percent.

Source:- umwelt bundesamt

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