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How energy crops play no role in the climate package by the EU?

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As per an article issued in erneuerbareenergien.de, energy crops are not playing a vital role in the German government’s climate package, as per the Federal Council passing a resolution by the end of September 2019. A significant increase in the use of ecologically advantageous substrates and indigenous wild and cultivated plant species is observed concerning bioenergy.

The demands for climate protection can be met by another alternative option. It is to deal with the residual materials with liquid manure and the potential to be exhausted from far. As per the report, compared to the Asian or African countries, in Germany, a quarter of animal dung is used whereas the Biogas Association tapping is easy as relative to other resources with a possibility of 60 percent.

Another important factor noticed in Bavaria, the most widely known as the richest state from Germany, contributing high taxes to the government for the welfare of the society and one of the hardest dialects spoken in Germany that is difficult to understand even among the Germans, identified that recycling in many small agricultural businesses in Bavaria was not worth in return. Thereby, industrial manure in biogas plants was recognized and considered important in the climate protection package with existing and new instruments.

As per the German Biogas Association, the climate protection package got the benefit of liquid manure as their investment to generate electricity that would increase from five billion kilowatt-hours to twelve billion KWh. One of the additional benefits was a reduced level of consumption with additional land.

In my opinion, the awareness clearly shows that which tested formulae are going to work in the long term will always be considered as a benefit to the society and can be implemented across the world in a different sector.

The scenario also shows that generating electricity is not dependent on one source of renewable energy but can be implemented with different sources as per the region. Biofuels and Bioenergies are seen as a medium for future generation but the return on investment plays a major role in deciding which renewable energy source need to be worked out. 

Source:- Bioenergie

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