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What environmental awareness is present among Chileans?

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Are the Chileans aware of the environmental impact? Are they serious about the environmental impacts? As per earth.org, the global ranking of Chile in the global sustainability index is 27th. In climate change 11th, policy 88th, oceans 97th, energy 19th.

According to the press release in October 2019 shows that Chile is following ambitious targets for 2030. The main objectives formulated as per the new Climate Change Framework Law are in the transition so that carbon neutrality can be achieved by 2050.

The situation shows that the climate crisis is considered to be one of the important factors in the country and needs to be overcome.

Chile has been considered as the model for sustainability practice. Sustainable tourism, transport, and various other programs are impacting sustainability in a much impactful way in Chile.

Chile has also been known as the first country to sell sustainable linked bonds. The country is also interested in bond investor meetings in the U.S. and Europe.

The impact of the environmental issues in 2018 on Chile are:-

Chile environmental impact

In Chile, more than 95% agree with the prohibition of plastic bag use in 2018. Only 5% disagree, that is also surprising that people do find plastic bags to be more useful or needed in the economy.

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