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Which events are thought by Americans to be impacted more by Global warming?

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In 2019, a survey by the Center for Climate Change Communication shows several events that have been considered severe and are a major consequence of Global warming. The seven issues have been identified as crucial for Americans to be caused due to Global warming.

In the survey, 64% of them agreed that Melting Greenland ice sheets are a major event to be impacted by Global warming whereas 17% of them agreed that Refugees from Central America were the least affected due to global warming.

55% of the Americans believe European heatwaves are the worse affected due to global warming whereas 18% don’t think so.
50% of the Americans believe California wildfires are the worse but 25% of the Americans don’t agree with the opinion.

46% and 44% of Americans believe that U.S. Midwest flooding and Hurricane Dorian are worse impacted due to global warming but 45% of the Americans don’t agree with the opinion.
42% of the Americans believe that Brazilian Amazon forest fires are due to global warming but 26% of them didn’t agree with it.

In my opinion, the survey shows that Americans are divided with their opinion on the impact due to global warming. The people who don’t agree with such impacts are also above 10%, it shows the numbers are not less and quite a lot of people do disagree with such opinions but the reason for such disagreement has not been cited.

Source:- Statista

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