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Is sustainability a fashion statement for Italian?

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Do you think Sustainability can be a fashion statement for Italian?  Are the Italians interested in eco-friendly clothes? Do they think local products can be in the fashion trends?

 Can fashion become a part of Sustainability?

Or is it just a big advertisement to create something new which is not?

As per a survey by YouGov in Italy, different observations have been noticed among the Italians.

Which eco-friendly elements are important for Italian to buy clothes? (2019)

Fashion-Eco friendly clothes in Italy

Reduction of shopping cloths for ethical reasons? (2019)

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Clothing manufacturers obey the law of ethical aspects in clothing production. (2019)

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Do you know the term “Slow Fashion”, movement to buy fewer clothes for better quality? (2019)

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Are clothes recyclable? (2019)

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CO2 emission in offline purchase in Italy. (2019)

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Italian consumer’s attitude towards cruelty-free and vegan fashion in 2019?

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In my opinion, local products are very well accepted among the Italians as they will encourage the growth of the local farmers or product sellers. However, transparency is something, Italians are struggling with. Even if it has been termed as expensive and the eco-friendly aspects are also not clear.

Another important thing to notice is the ethical prospects of Italian clothes. The manufacturers need to obey the ethical prospects of the law.  It is also strange that movements like “Slow Fashion” had failed to make a big impact.

Quality is not anymore considered more than Quantity. It may lead to extravagant expenses and leading a lifestyle that is way too superficial with no limit to restrain in the shopping.

However, consumers are more interested in cruelty-free and vegan fashion in Italy. It shows “Slow Fashion” may not be as effective as the recycling of cloths or vegan fashion clothes. As the trend in Italy is focused too much on shopping. It may take some time to have the importance of “Slow Fashion”

Source:- Statista.

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