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Which global countries invested in clean energy in 2019?

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Clean energies, a very prime and important attempt by the UN to achieve their 2030 vision of sustainable development goals. The energies are definitely the primordial forces for any corporation.

Or industries to operate and function properly in the global world to sustain the global economy. As with the current trends, we can see the impact caused by the pollution from one country.

And with zero tolerance towards such air pollution. You can achieve a good level of control over pollution. Over the world and the global environment with a considerable number of developing technologies. Or innovative ideas to keep the environment clean.

Top 10 countries with high clean energy investment

In my opinion, somehow the investment made by China in any kind of technologies can be seen quite high. As comes to the development where the productions are being in a bigger.

Or larger scale leading to the development of the clean energy technologies with a meaningful way. And good amount of investment from different countries is contributing a good atmosphere around the globe.

In the survey result, among the top 5 countries, 3 countries are from Asia that are heavily invested in clean energy technologies.

One of the reasons may be the competitive landscape. Or the scenario didn’t provide an adequate amount of threshold in the beginning stage to have control over the production.

In industrial unit, leading to tackle the heavy pollutions surrounding which somehow have been kept in check in other European. Also, in Scandinavian countries.

The heavy investments in 2019, shows having a sufficient amount of currency for exploring new innovative solutions. In the technology in their respective countries.

And the economic conditions are growing stronger to provide a good circulation of the money.

Source:- Statista (Clean technology investments globally) 2019.

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