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What global investment is going on in other renewable energy sources?

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Other than wind and solar, Biofuel technologies, biomass and waste energy, and small hydropower technologies are playing a prime role in the investment sector in renewable energy sources. Over the year, these alternative energy sources gathered quite a potential investment.

Investment comparison between other renewable energy sources
Source:- Bloomberg, UNEP, FS-UNEP Collaborating Centre

The investment growth rate over the year shows the biofuel technologies and biomass and waste energy got a good hold over the year.

Investment annual growth rate in other renewable energy sources

In my opinion, if the steady flow of investment continued in other renewable energy sources like biofuel, biomass, and waste energy, and small hydropower technologies then it can prove to be a strong support to solar or wind energy technology. As new ways of innovation continue in renewable energy sources, we can live more without the depleting source of energy and can conserve the energy for long-term benefits.

Source:- Statista (Clean technology investments globally)

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