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Which six sustainability issues are important for “green batteries”?

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Transport sectors have been identified as causing environmental issues. The challenges to reducing the CO2 emission led to the sustainable movement in battery technology.

The six core sustainability issues need for green batteries are:-

  1. Climate Protection-  One of the important technology in the electric mobility world is battery storage in the automotive industry and energy supply sector. Renewable energy expansion leads to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions during the production of batteries. The development can be seen more with innovative technologies and international binding agreements.
  2. Industrial Policy- The sustainable battery promotion provides a competitive edge to Germany and other European countries. Incentivizing the battery value chain also leads to strengthening the existing system.
  3. Circular economy- The raw battery materials being recycled puts a strong environmental impact on raw material extraction. It also helps in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Another important way is via incentives on the collection and recycling of used batteries.
  4. Raw materials governance- New policies and frameworks lead to a solid foundation for extracting raw battery materials from different countries. The secured pathway for compliance with due diligence obligations in extraction and processing of raw materials. The involvement of battery passports is also making the way for transparency in the battery supply chain.
  5. Economic efficiency- One of the core advantages of battery-electric vehicles is the reduction in the high-cost potential due to scaling effects. Also in the technological innovations in battery cell production.
  6. Employment- Due to the rapid growth of the automotive industry, a rapid shift among the employees is also involved. The investment in the production of battery-cell and electric mobility is creating the need for demand jobs for labourers with high qualifications in the automotive industry.

Source:- Sustainable battery life

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