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Why Green Finance is important in future?

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As per, Noh HJ (2012) Green finance. Park Young Sa, Seoul,

  • Risk of environmental destruction and natural resources being depleted is a major concern in return encouraging the Firms to tackle those economic losses which can be potential in the long term.
  • Firms are required by stakeholders and social responsibility is a major concern for financial agencies.
  • Recently the seriousness of the problem has been magnified tremendously. Social awareness about climate change, natural resources lacking, and environmental destruction are changing.
  • Regulations and agreement related to international clauses on the environment are gradually reinforced. Some examples are the Global Reporting Initiative, ISO 26000, and Principles for Responsible Investment i.e. PRI.
  • Sustainability has been emphasized more by firm management.

Source:- Handbook of Green Finance by Jeffrey D. Sachs et al.

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