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Who is ahead in green internet?

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As the term shows positive hopes in working towards sustainable goals. The development of internet platforms and online platform shows that companies are having a lot to satisfy the needs to meet the green term.

The giant companies are competing against each other but who is leading the game?

  1. One of the leading giants to power its internet via renewable energy sources is Apple. Even though the company is expanding its centre rapidly, the main focus is the use renewable energy to power its all expanded data centres. Along with it, a major push is for colocation providers to achieve the goal of 100% with renewable energy sources.
  2. The next big Tech giant Google, is also able to expand its market powered via renewable energy sources. However, the target to achieve 100% is under threat due to monopoly utilities in data centers such as North and South Carolina, Georgia, Singapore and Taiwan.
  3. Amazon, a powerful ecommerce platform, being successful in connecting the world business for import-export just by one click also in the race to adopt 100% renewable energy goal. But transparency is a major issue leading the guidance to be unclear for investment decisions in renewable energy sources and away from coal.
  4. One of the biggest tycoons in the windows industry, Microsoft also failed to match the steps with Apple and Google. Microsoft is way behind in the race of green internet. Even thought, its cloud foot print is going through massive growth to match up with Amazon, but failed to match the steps with Apple and Google.

In my opinion, the green internet needs a good amount of commitment. Not just in terms of usage but also financial support and good tariffs to use such kind of internet providers. There should be a good number of providers with government incentives to make a push towards the usage of green internet services.

Source:- greenpeace.org

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