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Are you ready for green internet?

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The world of connections and connections via the internet-enabled a positive way to interconnect people across the world. The question is how sustainable is the internet? Are we ready for green internet? The transition towards renewable powered society is possible with internet platforms ready for renewable energy future.

The initiatives have been accepted by big companies and a strong boost to promote renewable green energy. Companies like Apple, Facebook, and Google have shown 100% commitment towards renewably powered internet services. It created a big impact by major companies to drive renewable power sourced internet in key markets.

The major thing to observe is the shift of investments in utilities powered with renewable energy to meet the demands of the big companies. The majority of the data center operations, termed as a second-tier industry in the industrial world are facing an increasing number of requests from customers to power the cloud with renewable energy.

The major green electricity tariff companies providing renewable electricity options for large customers are Duke Energy (North Carolina), Dominion Resources (Virginia), and Taiwan Power Company (Taiwan). However, poor designs and locked-in price premium made it unattractive for major customers to change and upgrade to renewable electricity-based providers.

The obstacles in green internet solutions need to address collaboratively by data center operators and customers to avail policy change and pricing as per the customer needs.

In my opinion, the green internet is a major move towards a renewable and more sustainable solution for customers as well as internet platform companies. The goal towards an eco-friendlier environment can be achieved via innovative solutions using green technology. The more we drive for sustainable and green solutions, the more we can go in-depth and dig up new designs or policies to make it a lucrative offer for a customer that cannot be denied.

Need for more green imagination to sustain a green future!

Source:- Greenpeace.org

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