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What are the hidden dangers in an Autonomous Vehicle?

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Definitely, any technology is not without its own challenges or dangers, including Autonomous vehicles. Several types of privacy interests are included in an Autonomous vehicle are:-

(1) technical issues where the sources and modes of attack are unknown, unpredictable, likely to be ever-changing.
(2) Practical and legal issues regarding protection from unauthorized intrusions into autonomous driving systems.
(3) Privacy of data and location.

Importing of personal data or if it is derived from a vehicle, a user, or the interactions between a user in a vehicle could facilitate the denigration of privacy of all individuals.

The most significant in an autonomous technology is the capacity of V2V technology which has the potentiality of distributing personal information to any of the vehicles, municipal signal towers, infrastructure objects such as traffic signs and stoplights, building and billboards, and possibilities that have not been manifested.

One of the major concerns is the increase in Vulnerability. The importance of saving and protecting the privacy of electronic communications and files has become a concern as it leads to many criminal investigations.

A strict law needs to apply in order to implement the protection of electronic communication. The information which are electronically store are susceptible to more abuse as it is stored for an infinite amount of time.

One of the specific reason to look is to record all communications which are inevitable because of the difficulty in association with tapping into communication without compromising other communications that get transmitted across the same fiber optic line.

A phenomenon which is quite a means to monitor American’s online activity. Under the Fourth Amendment, what sort of information can be kept private is not sure and more information can be accessed online from an autonomous vehicle.

Till now, 17 states in the US got statutes enacted related to data privacy issues of data retrieval from an event data recorder (“EDR”) which works as a “black box” that can record critical sensor and diagnostic data prior to any collisions.

Despite NHTSA’a failed mandate, the implementation of EDR is most in every new vehicle. Thereby, states must pass laws imposing standards on Auto manufacturers that have to specify what it needs to disclose and who can access information related to EDR and when it can be accessible.

Source:- Evolving Autonomous Vehicle Technology and The Erosion of Privacy by Raquel Toral.

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