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How much carbon dioxide emitted from the last 5 year?

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Have you ever wondered why a sudden rush towards the goal of reduction in CO2? The need of controlling the CO2 emission among the vehicle is no doubt arise. Various concepts and changes and disruption happening in the industries which are letting the world reshape to have a hold in the environmental concepts and the world surrounding us.

The ripple effect caused by such ineffective actions and insensitive attitude is no doubt a new paradigm resulting in a new world with new shapes and new horizons.

The emission of Carbon dioxide from the last 5 years is expanding in various ways. The graph shows that the major emission of Carbon dioxide is from the Asia Pacific compared to any region. As per the survey analysis, Asia pacific is continuous with a higher amount of CO2 emission, with China alone is the highest emitter of CO2 emission.

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Even though the emission is from different continents placed far away from each other but the impact on the environment can be seen on a large scale.

The temperature of the planet earth is rising to cause the rise of sea level due to the melt of the huge ice caps. The pattern somehow showing an uncertain attitude towards the future and how the major effects will reshape the future scenario.

No doubt, the field experts and scientists are on the venture of making groundbreaking innovations and inventions with new ideas but the journey is quite unknown for anybody.

Source:- BP

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