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How much you agree to spend on Sustainable products?

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The growth of Sustainable products is rising beyond anybody’s imagination and it’s spreading like a fire across the world. However, every product does come with a price and a willingness approach from the customer to spend on such sustainable products.

Often, the problem is with the price and is seen as a major hurdle for maximum purchase of such products. This is letting the products create their customer with a particular need and also sustainability is creating a huge round of waves.

As per a survey by Nielsen, the forecasted sales of sustainable products in the US is somewhere in the range from 142.3 to 150.1 US billion dollars in 2021 and it shows the market is worth of billion US dollars which can enter into the trillion-dollar phase.

As per a survey conducted by Nomisma; Coop Italia in Italy, 43% of the respondents agreed to spend the same amount whereas 6% of the respondents agreed to spend less and 24% of them agreed to spend more.

In my opinion, it is not far but sustainable products are creating a class. A group of people who can afford such products and a group sustaining on non-sustainable products.

If you see and compare the eating products, western countries are mostly surviving on frozen products as compared to the eastern countries. The Asian market is quite famous for well-nourished fresh eating products including veg, fruits or even the non-veg items.

The frozen section provides a well-cleaned surrounding with no blood loss or strong smells. However, the quality of such non-veg items packed in the frozen section is quite a debatable topic.

The products being well packed provides the easy solution to carry but again sustainability comes into question but also in the Asian market.

How fresh and non-infectious the non-veg eating products are questionable? A major obstacle in the maintenance of hygiene and health.

Source:- Statista.

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