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How to handle coal incineration?

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Co-firing is something very common with coal-fired power plants to burn garbage and other waste but once the coal incineration is switched off, the problem will be with the waste. One of the methods widely used to handle the waste problem and reduce the CO2 emissions significantly with H2O2 burner.

Some other technologies are also in parallel to H202 burner is available for the waste and cleaning the flue gas. As a piece of auxiliary firing equipment, hydrogen burners are more effective. In phase 1, the liquid water is preheated with the effective use of the thermal energy from the waste so that wet steam can be generated so that it can be turned into superheated dry steam. The method has been considered to be optimal for handling CO2 emission reduction.

In my opinion, this method should be more researched or developed as there is a part of the world sustaining the burning of coal. Whatever it is, the traditional use of coal plays an important role, so if we can handle the waste generated by burning coal, we will achieve in mitigating the CO2 problem.

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