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Is hydrogen playing a key role in sustainable living?

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As the world is moving into more sustainable and energy-saving technology, Hydrogen is also being considered as one of the demanding resources to be used for sustainable livelihood. As we come into the age of having a realization that how our actions impact our surrounding, reducing CO2 emission have become one of the major goals to achieve a neutral climate.

The key to emission-free energy supply is regarded as Hydrogen due to its proven applications and storage capacity. Since it is becoming a proven source for replacing fossil fuels, various research and innovations are taking place surrounding the concept of producing more amount of hydrogen for sustainable use.

As we talk about renewable energy resources, research led by scientist Kirstin Gutekunst is investigating cyanobacterium where solar hydrogen is produced by photosynthesis. The process shows that in the case of normal metabolism, the gas produced by the cell can be consumed immediately once it has been produced. So, moving forward, the researchers working on producing solar hydrogen gas from the bacteria over a long period and controls the process of consumption of the gas immediately.

In my opinion, as the story depicts the picture of sustainability not just about the zero-emission vehicles or design electric cars but a venture where various fields and study got an open door invitation to use their knowledge and cultivate it to explore the various ways of generating sustainable resources.

How can we involve microbiology and study scientifically about the bacteria to have a way of finding solutions for non-depleting energy resources and sustain the world in a digestible way? What more we can learn from our basic science to use it for sustainable applications and open the gate to new inventions and discoveries? Have we been able to extract the knowledge surrounding us to its fullest potential and show the world the future which we only dreamed of?

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